How to Run & Fulfill a Board Game Kickstarter

You’ve finished the game! Now it’s time to raise funds and then eventually fulfill a board game Kickstarter!

Not so fast…creating a board game is only half the battle. Now you have to get people to buy it, have someone manufacture it, and then ship it to hundreds or thousands of different people. No pressure!

Don’t worry – I’ve been through this multiple times and would love to share everything I’ve learned with you 🙂

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Your Board Game Kickstarter: Why & How to Spread the Word Early

Knowing if people want your game is critical. Sharing early will help you gauge your board game’s product-market fit, a fancy MBA term for how much people like your game as a product that they would buy, and not just as a game.

Kickstarter Math: How to Deliver Your Board Game On-Time and Within Your Budget

In 2012, as many as 84% Kickstarter projects were fulfilled late. So what’s happening and how can we prevent you from suffering the same fate?

5 Things I Wish I Knew About Law & Tax Before Kickstarting My Board Game

Few things are more confusing than taxes and laws. Instead of leaving you to Google and experiment on your own, I’ll share a few experiences I’ve had.

How to Create the Perfect Board Game Kickstarter Campaign Page

There’s no shortage of complex tasks that come with a Kickstarter. One task, in particular, seems to get more attention: creating the perfect campaign page.

How to Order a Print Run for Your Board Game Kickstarter

It’s also a good idea to see if you can get a jump start and begin printing during the two week period in which you’re waiting for your funds to clear. Depending on your printer, you might gain a week or two on the front-end of your schedule, and that’s never a bad thing!

Fulfill Your Board Game Kickstarter: Sending Products Within the USA

inventory being sent from your manufacturer via freight shipping agencies through customs agents to warehouses and finally to your customers. It’s the part of the process that feels the most international and it’s one of the areas that feels the most overwhelming to the uninitiated.

Fulfill Your Board Game Kickstarter: Sending Products Outside the USA

Fulfillment is the trickiest part of any board game Kickstarter. Your inventory goes through freight, customs, and warehouses…all before your customers.

How to Have the Perfect Kickstarter Launch Day

Kickstarter success is a holistic process, not a particular moment when things click. Well, usually. The one exception to that rule: Kickstarter launch day.

How to Keep Up Your Board Game Kickstarter’s Momentum with Stretch Goals

Stretch goals! Everybody who goes to Kickstarter with hopes of publishing their board game desires to not only fund, but to achieve many stretch goals.

How to Keep up Your Board Game Kickstarter’s Timeline after the Campaign

You’ve spent months, if not years, leading up to your board game Kickstarter. But with great money, comes great responsibility…

How to Take Pre-Orders when Your Board Game Kickstarter Ends

Even if you can’t get your game into stores, you can always set up shop online, whether through Amazon or through your own site. Perfect for pre-orders!

How to Make a Beautiful Board Game Box

Not only are board game boxes beautiful, they are also iconic. People love looking at a pretty board game box – just check out Instagram sometime.

How to Price Your Board Game

So you’ve designed a board game. Perhaps you’ve even begun to make arrangements for publishing. But how do you price your board game? Read on for insights.

How to Keep the Hype Train Going After a Board Game Kickstarter

Unless your Kickstarter is a blockbuster, you won’t raise enough to print the game, quit your job, and fly to Hawaii. It’s just stop one on the hype train.

How to Advertise Board Games Online

“I love advertising!” That’s not a sentence you hear spoken out loud often. There is a good way to advertise board games online, and we’ll talk about that.

How to Sell Your Board Game Outside of Kickstarter

You’ve finished your game. Now there’s one massive question: “what next?” How do you sell your board game outside of Kickstarter?

Need help on your board game?
Join my community of over 2,000 game developers, artists, and passionate creators.