Why Are Board Game Publishers So Weird?

Board game publishers have to make a lot of difficult decisions. With limited resources, deciding which games to publish and which ones to abandon is vital. Publishers that aren’t picky don’t last long.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Board game publishers have to respect the feelings of game developers who pour their heart and soul into their games. They have to predict the unruly tabletop gaming news cycle and determine which way the market will go.

When juggling all these factors, it’s no surprise that board game publishers make decisions that look really strange from the outside.

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6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Make Board Games Alone

The board game industry has changed an enormous amount in the last few years. We’re seeing more million-dollar Kickstarter campaigns. We’re seeing “good ideas” go to Kickstarter and struggle to fund, if they fund at all.

What is a Tabletop Game? This is Everything that Goes into Making a Board Game.

For the last few years, we’ve been living through a glorious age: the Great Board Game Renaissance. I wouldn’t have expected history to unfold like that when I was a kid, but here we are.

People are Weird, Markets are Weirder…Especially with Board Games

For the last several years, wildly successfully Kickstarter campaigns have redefined the rules of success in the board game industry. You no longer had to submit your game to publishers or raise a bunch of money to bankroll your own print run.

Why Board Game Publishers Like Some Games and Don’t Like Others

It’s no secret that board game publishers like to reduce risks. Most publishers have a system in place to help them filter marketable game ideas from unmarketable game ideas.

How to Understand the Tabletop Gaming News Cycle

There are weirdo group dynamics that are exacerbated by the technological advances of our era, namely search engines, social media, and an unending deluge of data.

Board Game Designer vs. Developer vs. Publisher

Creating board games takes an enormous amount of time and effort. The simple fact is that there are a lot of distinct tasks that have to be handled to turn a game from an idea into reality.