It’s Your Turn

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The world belongs to those who take responsibility. Don’t be afraid to work on a pioneering, strange new project where the expected¬†outcome is unknown. Life is about experimentation and trying new things.

Every once in a while, an opportunity will come to you. That’s great! You should make the most of it, because these opportunities are golden. Yet most of the time, especially early on in your creative career, opportunities won’t come to you. They’ll go to others whose names are already out there. Don’t succumb to helplessness, that sickly sweet swan song of comfortable impotence. You can make your own opportunities. You can boldly create, show yourself growing and changing in the public eye, and slowly make a name for yourself.

Life doesn’t follow a linear path. You don’t have to wait on the dice. You can move any direction you want whenever you please.

Nobody’s told you this, but it’s your turn.¬†In fact, it’s always your turn. It’s never not been your turn. I like to make comparisons between life and games, but they’re often flawed comparisons. Games often have clearly delineated turns. Your move or their move – seldom is it both at the same time. Life isn’t that way. Your move is whenever you damn well decide to move. Your turn is any time you take responsibility. Every time you try something weird.

You don’t have to roll for initiative in life. You can just take it.


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