I’m taking a short break – I’ll be back January 4, 2021!

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I’ve got to level with you – I am tired.

It’s not for the usual 2020 reasons either. This year’s been a tough one, and it’ll definitely be an infamous one when the ink dries on the next generation’s textbooks.

You’d think being locked up inside would leave me with an excess of time and no way to use it wisely. That’s just not the case. In fact, it’s been a boom year for the Pangea Marketing Agency!

My notoriously long workweeks are no secret, but the two years have been way over the top. I’ve been publishing posts weekly, sometimes even twice weekly, for this blog non-stop since October 2016. Sometimes it’s a brand new post. Sometimes it’s refreshing an old one or making a compilation page. But always: something.

But for the next five weeks, I’m going to cut back on responsibilities, attend to that which has been put off forever, and – yes – enjoy the holidays with my family (virtually)!

Don’t worry, though – with fresh eyes and a clear head, I will return to this blog the first Monday of 2021 with a renewed sense of purpose.

Until then, I wish you Happy Holidays!

– Brandon

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