Tasty Humans: Design & Retrospective

Tasty Humans is a 30-60 minute, tile-laying, pattern-building game for 1-4 players. 

You are a fantasy monster trying to sate your insatiable appetite. As you and your fellow monsters toss around the village king, you attract a steady buffet of adventurers who try – poorly – to put up a fight! Then, take turns selecting which adventurers to consume, dropping various body parts into your stomach. Once you or another monster fills their stomach, the most satisfied monster wins!

Tasty Humans raised $20,536 on Kickstarter. This is how we did it…

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How to Create a Pattern Building Board Game (Tasty Humans Pt. 1)

Pattern building board games are really popular among the hobby board gaming crowd. That includes Azul, Sagrada, A Feast for Odin, Quadropolis, and more!

Creating the Perfect Board Game Scoring System (Tasty Humans Pt. 2)

Creating a great scoring system in a board game is hard. How do you make an arbitrary point system feel connected to the underlying ideas in your game?

How to Add Variable Player Powers to Your Board Game (Tasty Humans Pt. 3)

Variable player powers are a popular board game mechanic. Games with this mechanic range from Gloomhaven to Terraforming Mars to 7 Wonders.

Creating Hard Choices in Board Games (Tasty Humans Pt. 4)

One of the hallmarks of good board game design is being able to create hard choices. Particularly when hard choices come from simple mechanics.

Board Game Pacing: Keeping Your Game Interesting (Tasty Humans Pt. 5)

Perfect board game pacing is one of the most underrated aspects of board game design. A great board game feels challenging and interesting throughout.

Tasty Humans: How Our Board Game Raised $20,536 on Kickstarter

After a year of development, Tasty Humans raised $20,536 on Kickstarter. Now we’d like to retrace our steps and tell you what worked and what didn’t.