Board Game Development 101: A Crash Course

Board game development has become a popular hobby in the last several years. It has captivated the hearts and minds of many creative people.

It’s for good reason, too! Board game development is fun and satisfying, and I definitely encourage you to give it a go.

Yet so many find it difficult to get started. If that describes you, please enjoy this compilation of articles I have compiled for you to help you get started in board game development.

Childhood Version of War Co

A Crash Course in Games

I stumbled into this industry with vague dreams and a desire to make some cash. I’d like to save you the trouble I had when I started making board games.

Board Game Pieces

A Crash Course in Game Development

Board game development is everything that makes a game – game design, product development, marketing, promotion, crowdfunding, fulfillment, and sales.

Five Levels of Communication through Game Development

Five Levels of Communication through Game Development

In game development, sometimes you can say exactly what you mean – such as in the rule book. But mostly, your game needs to be “felt” more than “learned.”


Choose Your Own Adventure: Self-Publish or Not?

Self-publishing board games can kill the magic of game development for you, depending on what drew you to it in the first place. So should you self-publish?

What to Expect When You’re Making a Board Game: Time, Money, and Effort

Let’s say I’m a new board game dev. Hardly know a thing about making games. I ask you how long it’ll take to publish my first game. What would you tell me?

The Art of the Play Test: Designing Tests and Keeping Records

Play testing is time-consuming and it’s really easy to run out of people to test with. You need to make every single play test productive and worthwhile.

Wall Clock

How to Master Time (So You Can Make Games)

Lots of people make board games. Most people quit. You don’t have to be one of them. Time management skills make a HUGE difference!

The Board Game Industry: Powers That Be & The Hype Machine

The weird feeling of selling stems from selling bad stuff or selling to the wrong people. You have to come to peace with it to ride the Hype Machine.

How To Design the Rules of Your Board Game

Rules provide directions on how to execute activities within a board game. They explain, limit, and clarify so our game mechanics work.

How To Play-Test the Rules of Your Board Game

Writing good board game rules boils down to learning the art of instruction and communication. Write the rules you’d want to read!

How to Tell Great Stories Through Board Games

Telling stories is one of the most essentially human instincts. Whether or not we mean to, we tell stories through games.

How to Test Your Storytelling Powers & Make People Connect with Your Board Games

Storytelling is a human instinct. Whether or not we mean to, we tell stories through games. Embrace storytelling no matter how thematic your game is.

Bringing it Together – The Board Game as a Project

Board games are more than just what’s in the box. They’re the marketing, the advertising, and the footwork of the game developers who made them.

How to Develop Visually and Physically Accessible Board Games

Tokens you can’t tell apart by touch, tiny text, random placement of game symbols, poor contrast, paper money…all of these can make games less accessible.

How to Develop Mentally and Emotionally Accessible Board Games

This is one of the hardest categories for a modern designer game to do well within – how do you make a game cognitively accessible experience.

How to Develop Inclusive Board Games

When under-represented groups look at a shelf of board games and see only white men staring back at them, it makes them think “is this for me?”

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How to Make the Perfect Board Game Rule Book

It’s easy to forget your own rules for a living, breathing project! Once a game is released, though, the rule book is both for teaching and for reference.

How to Create Board Game Specs and Files for Your Printer

Choose the right materials, understand the basics of board game manufacturing, and legal and distribution requirements… Let’s make game specs!

How to Create Specs for Your Board Game Artist

Asking for art can be one of the most daunting parts of the game development process. So let’s talk to a real board game artist to see how to do it right!

How to Find Artists for Your Board Game

I will usually start my search on Deviant art in the Job forums. There are many great undiscovered artists there, and those artists definitely deserve a chance to prove themselves. I will also use another website called Artstation.

How to Manage Artists on a Board Game Project

Artists are very important to creating a board game. Making sure they are happy and understand the needs of your project is critical to your game’s success.

How to Find a Board Game Printer

You will have to print 1,000 copies or more if you go with offset printing. That means finding a great board game printer is absolutely necessary!

How to Order and Test Samples of Your Board Game

Whether you are printing review copies, looking to test your game with better parts, or simply see your ideas come to life in a beautiful way, ordering print-on-demand samples can be really handy.