It’s time to make something beautiful

I’m Brandon Rollins. I started Pangea Games. I made War Co. I’ve fallen in love with board game development.

It’s a tricky thing to love. It’s simultaneously satisfying and exhausting. Making War Co. was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I’m incredibly glad I’ve done it. I want to help you create something you’re proud of.

Board game development – and creative endeavors in general – are complex, disorienting, and frustrating. Many people get discouraged and quit before they see the fruits of their labor. I don’t want you to be a statistic. I created this blog with one goal in mind: make the blog I wish existed when I first started War Co.


How this blog works

You’ll need many skills to succeed – emotional, tactical, intellectual, and professional. I split this blog into four parts so that you can learn all of these skill sets.

Motivation: The single biggest factor in your success as a creative individual is motivation. If you get up, do your best, and commit to being better – you’re all but certain to make it.

Know-How: Game development is rife with tricky subjects, from play-testing to fulfillment to marketing. Everything I’ve learned is yours.

Philosophy: Sometimes we get so mired in tactics that we forget why games exist in the first place. We forget all the pieces – from rule books to components – fit into a larger whole.

Game Breakdowns: It pays to study the greatest games. I do a deep analysis of what makes popular games tick so you can take that lesson and apply it to your own creation.


How it all comes together

I put all these four parts together in two ongoing series of posts: Start to Finish: Publish and Sell Your First Board Game and the Dev Diary.

Start to Finish: Trying to create a board game for the first time? Unsure of where to even start? Start to Finish is a comprehensive guide made for first-time board game developers who want to go from an idea to a finished product. I will walk you through every step of the process.

Dev Diary: I am developing a new board game called Highways & Byways. Every week, you can watch how I bring my disparate ideas together into a cohesive whole.


Let’s make something amazing