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Highways & Byways (2018)



Highways & Byways is a casual family game. Race across the United States in your first used car. You’re on a mission to explore all places beautiful and forgotten before your vacation is over!

Plan your route by choosing byways. Then travel across the country a little bit every day, planning around highway construction, moody weather, and your car’s pesky tendency to break down!

Highways & Byways is great for board gaming couples and families. It takes only 10 minutes to learn, yet there are multiple paths to victory. Don’t let the simplicity fool you – it’s also very replayable!

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War Co. Expandable Card Game (2016)



During the War of 2620, the War Machines Company profited by selling dangerous machines to wounded societies. Now in 2796, small and isolated groups of people must survive at any cost, using the remaining artifacts of a war from the distant past.

The objective: run your opponents out of cards. Your deck is your life. You can attack to make enemies lose cards faster, bide your time and make precise strikes, and lay traps to trick opponents with dangerous traps and combos.


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