My name is Brandon Rollins. I started Pangea Games, I made War Co., and I write this blog. I have learned firsthand how simultaneously satisfying and soul-crushing board game game development can be. Creating War Co., my first game, was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I’m incredibly glad that I’ve done it. I want to help you create something you’re proud of.

Brandon the Game Dev is dedicated to “thoughtful discourse for game developers.” There are a number of excellent blogs that exist to teach you about crowdfunding and nitty-gritty game development tactics, such as the ones created by James Mathe and Jamey Stegmaier. This blog is not about that. Brandon the Game Dev is focused on motivating you to create something worthwhile, thinking about the underlying philosophy of game development, and analyzing the elements that make games brilliant.

The blog will be broken into four sections:

  • Motivation: posts to inspire developers like you to start and stick with projects.
  • Know-How: posts that cover my personal experiences with creating a game, and how you can learn from my successes and avoid my failures.
  • Philosophy: posts about the big picture of gaming and the questions that go unasked and assumptions that go unexamined.
  • Game Breakdowns: posts that focus on one element of one game and what we can learn from it as developers.

Come with me. It’s time to make something amazing!