Curious about my old posts? These are my 10 favorites.


Childhood Version of War Co

Sweat and Serendipity & How I Got Into the Board Game Business

I didn’t mean to be a board game developer, but everything I did to get here was on purpose.

3 Simple How-To Guides for Board Game Fulfillment

Even domestic fulfillment – packages originating in the United States and going to somewhere else in the United States – can be tricky.

How To Prepare for the Cost of Board Game Fulfillment

Nothing can take the steam out of creator’s sails quite like the brutal reality of trying to ship a physical product all over the world.

Setting Up Social Media as a Board Game Dev: A Primer Course

You probably found me through Twitter. I have data that says so. My first game, War Co.,  succeeded because of social media. As I write this, I have over 10,000 followers between the War Co. and blog Twitter accounts and over 25,000 followers on Instagram.

Why does accessibility in board games matter? (A Guest Post by Michael Heron of Meeple Like Us)

It’s important with accessibility that we understand how powerful small changes can be – we need not solve every problem in order to make a real difference.

What is the role of accessibility in the board game community?

It’s a simple concept with profound implications. Accessibility affects the size of the font on your cards, the texture of your tokens, the ways you track information in complex games, and how comfortable women feel at your gaming table.

Carcassonne: Accommodating Different Play Styles

At the geriatric age of seventeen years old, Carcassonne is one of the elder games of the recent board game renaissance. It remains one of the most enduring, nuanced board games on shelves today.

Monopoly: The Game That Board Gamers Love to Hate

When you tell someone that you’re into board games, they often ask, “oh, you mean like Monopoly” before you instinctively cringe. Currently rocking a sold 4.4 on BoardGameGeekMonopoly is the kind of game that board gamers love to hate.

Twilight Struggle: Maintaining Tension

Twilight Struggle is the golden child of the board game community, having reigned at the top of the Board Game Geek’s ranking system for an extremely long time before being dethroned by Pandemic Legacy.

Creating the First Version of Game Rules

When it comes to game development, you don’t want to get attached to your ideas early on. Your priority is simple: make a playable game as early as you can. Don’t focus on making your game good or pretty at first.